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New ONC challenge focuses on accuracy and reliability of health data

A new ONC challenge is seeking ways to ensure the accuracy and reliability of health data, also known as data provenance. Data provenance refers to information about when the data was created, by whom, and whether it was changed during its electronic exchange.

Data provenance — and ensuring data is accurate and reliable — is important in healthcare because inaccurate data, incomplete data, or data that has been altered during health information exchange, can have a negative impact on patient safety and the quality of care delivery.

Providers must also be able to verify that the data originated from a trustworthy source. As patient-generated data becomes more common, healthcare providers may be skeptical about the source of health data.

The purpose of the ONC challenge is to identify current capabilities and methods used in health IT to convey the provenance of health data as it used to support clinical care.

Participants in the ONC challenge must identify and articulate the challenges of data provenance as it relates to clinical care. The first phase will focus on real world data provenance challenges and explain why they are important to solve. The second phase will require participants to test their solutions to the problem they identified in phase 1.

ONC is asking participants to submit white papers for the first phase of the challenge by May 22, 2017. ONC will award a cash prize of $20,000 to up to four winners. The second phase will run from June 14, 2017, to January 22, 2018. The first place winner will receive a cash prize of $60,000, and the second place winner will receive $40,000.

Participants can register for the ONC challenge on the CC Innovation Center website.