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Mobile may be key to addressing top healthcare business goals

Mobile technologies may be the key to helping healthcare CIOs achieve top-of-mind business goals.

A recent survey of over 100 health IT leaders found that the three main initiatives healthcare CIOs will be focused on for the next 18 months include data security, patient satisfaction and physician satisfaction. Respondents also reported that health IT investments are also influenced by whether or not the technology meets clinical and organizational needs, is easy to use, and whether the technology will help improve care team coordination for treatment planning.

The intersection of these goals seems to naturally point to secure mobile communications technologies, and over half of respondents said they are currently rolling out a secure texting solution; the value of which can include:

  1. Satisfying privacy and cyber-security requirements;
  2. Automatically routing a message to the correct individual based on on-call schedules and communication preferences;
  3. And delivering additional alerts.

Yale-New Haven Hospital in New Haven, Conn., is using a secure messaging mobile application to reap all these benefits in the emergency department. With this secure messaging mobile application, physicians and residents no longer need to waste time running through the halls to find the person they need. Instead, they can use the mobile app to directly message the doctor they are looking for and, if that doctor is busy, they can also message another doctor who may be able to help. This enables doctors and residents to deliver the appropriate care to the patient in a timely manner.

Of course, many in healthcare are still wary of just how secure mobile in healthcare is. And as mobile devices proliferate in healthcare at the same time as cyber attacks—particularly ransomware attacks– increase, it’s no wonder data security weighs so heavily on healthcare CIOs’ minds.

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