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Maine connecting HIE to all-payer claims database

The state of Maine is a leader in health information exchange, with more than two-thirds of year-round residents accounted for by state HIE HealthInfoNet. Maine is taking yet another step to try and reduce health care costs by linking the HIE to the state’s all-payer claims database.

The data contained in an all-payer claims database can do many things. Providers can track the frequency and location of disease incidences, as well as the cost to treat those diseases, while payers can test payment models before implementing pilot projects.

Maine has had its all-payer claims database, run by the Maine Health Data Organization, up and running for about a decade. As with HealthInfoNet, which was formed in 2004, this greatly exceeds the national standard.

A grant of nearly $200,000 will help HealthInfoNet pay for the cost of connecting the two systems. Officials tell Healthcare IT News that the project will result in the creation of a clinical data warehouse that will store and organize data. That, in turn, will make it easy to generate reports and obtain population health data. Personal health information will be de-identified.

By linking the HIE to the all-payer claims database, officials hope to bring together data on health care treatment trends and their corresponding costs, according to Healthcare IT News. Such research, it is hoped, will lower the cost of care in Maine, which, per person, is roughly 20% higher than the national average. Having readily accessible data should help accomplish that goal.

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Maine connecting #HIE to all-payer claims database Collaboration for cutting cost of care. #HealthIT #HITsm #EHR
Maine connecting #HIE to all-payer claims database Collaboration for cutting cost of care. #HealthIT #EHR