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Health IT jobs No. 1 choice for college graduates

With so many health care organizations moving to electronic health records, it’s no wonder college graduates are seeking out health IT jobs. According to a trend study from the University of California San Diego Extension, the hottest careers for recent college graduates are in health information technology. The study is based on enrollment figures, national employment statistics and interviews with San Diego business executives. It provides a list of 14 hot careers for college graduates, with health information technology listed as No. 1.

The report states that the recent government initiatives to establish a health IT infrastructure are fueling the demand for health IT jobs. According to the report, health IT jobs such as “healthcare integration engineer, healthcare systems analyst, clinical IT consultant and technology support specialist” will emerge to help support medical record reform.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics also shows the outlook for health IT jobs to be good, especially for technicians with strong software skills. Careers in health information technology are a good match for people who want to work in health care but don’t want to work directly with patients.

Students looking to map out their educational plans for a career in health information management or health information technology can use the academic pathways and planning guide provided by the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). AHIMA outlines the following four pathways: coder, registered health information technician (RHIT), registered health information administrator (RHIA) or informaticist.

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