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HIMSS salary survey reveals impressive numbers

The bucks aren’t bad in health IT.

That’s the overall thrust of the recently released Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Compensation Survey for 2015.

But how you do financially in the business depends on what niche you’re in and the geographic region in which you toil, the annual HIMSS salary survey also showed.

The average salary among the 1,900 survey respondents — who were both HIMSS members and non-members for whom HIMSS had a valid email address — was $111,387.

Health IT pros on the West Coast, however, made more than $15,000 than that, while those in the West South Central region designated by HIMSS earned about $10,000 less than the average.

Consulting firm employees made the most, raking in $140,971, on average.

The following were the next most profitable industry categories:

  • Healthcare system corporate, $119,273
  • Hardware company, $118,167
  • Accountable care organization, $117,316
  • Health information exchange, $116,179
  • Software company, $114,251
  • Standalone hospital, $112,657
  • Other healthcare facility, $105,677
  • Ambulatory facility, $102,878
  • Multi-hospital, $99,305

The highest salaries were in the executive management suite, followed in descending order by senior management; department heads; managers; staff; and associate staff.

In a mirror of nationwide compensation patterns in the rest of the economy, men in health IT made more than women: $126,262 compared to $100,762, the HIMSS salary survey found.

As for bonuses, slightly fewer than half of the respondents got one last year, but most (77.4%) got raises.

About two-thirds of those surveyed work for nonprofit healthcare organizations, not surprising because the majority of hospitals are nonprofit. The other third are employed by hospitals that are part of multi-hospital systems, according to the HIMSS salary survey.

HIMSS members can delve deeper by using the survey’s automated calculator to come up with estimated salaries, job descriptions and benefits information.