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Experts begin brainstorming better care, council focus on innovation

Health care experts are tying on their thinking caps in an effort to devise and share innovative practices that will lead to improvements in quality and more cost efficiencies.

Dubbed the Healthcare Innovation Council, the seven members will begin meeting this spring to come up with ways that help industry stakeholders meet such mandates as the conversion to ICD-10 codes and the meaningful use of electronic health records, said Richard Garnick, CEO of Anthelio. The clinical analytics and IT company, formerly called PHNS, formed the council.

The industry needs thought leaders who can devise executable, scalable practices that providers across the spectrum of care can efficiently implement, Garnick said. “We’re not taking anything off the table.”

The council will meet quarterly and discuss ideas that come from a range of providers, and Anthelio plans to test those ideas through pilot projects. Results of the pilots will be shared publicly, and the council is expected to publish white papers based on their experiences.

Everything is an open book, said Richard Kneipper, Anthelio chief strategy and innovation officer and chairman of the council. Balancing quality improvement and rising costs is a pressing issue for providers. “We’ve got to come up with creative ways,” to reduce spending, he said. “We can’t keep cutting budgets.”

The council’s founding members are:

  • Jack Bailey, former COO, California Pacific Medical Center.
  • Jim Brexler, CEO, Erlanger Health System.
  • Robert Burns, chairman, Health Care Management Department, University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School.
  • Hud Connery, CEO, Performance Management Institute
  • Jack Lord, MD, chairman, Dexcom Inc.
  • Julie Klapstein, CEO, Availity LLC
  • MaryAnn Stump, RN, president of Innovation International, Generate, and former SVP, chief strategy and innovation officer, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota

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Focusing on innovation -- A council of experts begin brainstorming better care #HealthIT #HealthcareIT
RT @HITExchange: Focusing on innovation -- A council of experts begin brainstorming better care #HealthIT #Health ...