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Ensuring HIPAA compliance, and other news

The push to expand America’s health IT infrastructure is enough of a headache for CIOs and CMIOs. Stricter rules for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance surely do not help.

It appears, though, that a solid identity management system may address both concerns, as it can improve information access while tracking who views information and when. Meanwhile, the federal government, aiming to strike a balance between HIPAA compliance and reasonable expectations, is giving health care providers a chance to weigh in on its rules for HIPAA privacy expansion.

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HIT grants will expand health data exchange, but are they enough? — Washington has awarded millions in HIT grants to start health information exchanges. State officials think much more money is needed — and they wonder where it will come from.

Ten must-read health IT policy documents — A veritable alphabet soup of federal agencies release rules and regulations. This tip summarizes 10 important ones, including HIPAA compliance, meaningful use and data breach notification.

Health IT certification guidelines for EHR vendors — New federal health IT certification programs involve multiple stakeholders and parallel processes that are new to software vendors. The charts in this tip aim to clear the air.

Certification NPRM comments due soon, still far from final rule — Meaningful use requirements, the certification process and which organizations will be conducting certification all remain in the air, mere months before federal meaningful use mandates take effect. It may not be pretty.

More health IT standards development work on the way for HITSC — David Blumenthal, who heads the Office of the National Coordinator, told the Health IT Standards Committee it soon will be working on standards for electronic insurance enrollment.

Sankaran steps down from Federal Health Architecture program — Vish Sankaran is leaving the program after more than three years as its director. He pointed to CONNECT, an open source system that supports local and national health information exchange, as one of the program’s significant achievements.

Will no Flash for iPad hurt its chances in health care? — Apple Inc. won’t support Adobe Systems Inc.’s Flash player on the iPhone or iPad. Since 75% of Web video uses Flash, and since video is increasingly important to delivering quality care, this may hurt iPad adoption in health care.

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Weekly reporters' wrap-up: Ensuring HIPAA compliance, and other news #healthit #hipaa
Member blog post: Meaningful Use to Require Doctors Provide Records to Patients within 96 hours /via @experiordata
The push to expand America's health IT infrastructure is enough of a headache for CIOs and... #ensuring