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Denmark invests in super hospitals, invites IT partners

A Danish initiative hopes a $7 billion investment in new hospitals will improve quality of care and ultimately reduce healthcare costs, and it’s looking for IT help from the United States to meet goals.

Over the next ten years, Denmark will build 16 new hospitals — including eight “super” hospitals with state-of-the-art IT– in an effort to restructure their health care system into fewer, larger and more specialized facilities.

Denmark’s pitching the plan as a prime opportunity for U.S. companies to bring “innovative solutions” to the European market. The Invest in Denmark initiative hosted a seminar at HIMSS13 to discuss the opportunities and challenges associated with the new hospital structure.

In a press release, Jon Thorgaard, director of Invest in Denmark for North America, touted Denmark as an “exceptional test market, particularly regarding willingness to work with the private sector.”

Denmark has identified specific business potential within several IT areas, including:

  • Public/private partnerships
  • Development of new technologies and solutions within logistics, IT and diagnostics
  • Patient empowerment through health IT

Danish government goals for the new facilities include reducing bed-counts by 20%, upping out-patient treatment by 50%, and decreasing the average amount of bed days from five to three.

And though each of the five Danish regions is individually responsible for the construction and/or rebuilding of hospitals in their respective regions, a national organization will be ensuring coordination between them.

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