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Creating a health IT business plan, and other news

Health care IT managers have a lot on their plates these days. The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act and other federal proposals will have a significant impact on both compliance and health IT infrastructure, and IT managers need to stay on top of it all.

At the recent New England HIMSS 5th Annual Public Policy Forum, a local CIO discussed some of the most important policies and issues that will impact the industry, and encouraged health IT managers to build an IT business plan with health care policy in mind.

Catch the rest of last week’s coverage:

Regional extension centers face challenges in boosting EHR adoption rates — Federal regional extension centers help providers adopt electronic health record (EHR) systems and reach meaningful use requirements. But physician reluctance and uncertainty about meaningful use stand in the way.

Timing for EHR certification, adoption remains a sticky issue — The time crunch on developing and adopting certified electronic health record systems concerns health IT professionals, who have tight meaningful use deadlines to meet.

For health record storage, SAN technology offers speed, flexibility — As health care data proliferates, providers are turning to storage area network technology, which they find easy to expand without compromising performance or breaking the bank.

Health care data security now defined by encryption, thin clients — Data encryption is central to HITECH Act compliance and data breach notification laws, but health care IT departments find that thin client technology improves data security as well.

NQF leader on using EHR technology to report health quality measures — Dr. Floyd Eisenberg of the National Quality Forum discusses some of the challenges in using EHR technology to report health quality measures, and what the NQF is doing to help.

EHR implementation and meaningful use, step-by-step project management — If your facility is still fairly paper-intensive and you’re wondering how to peel back the onion layers of your processes to figure out where to start implementing your electronic health record system, we’ve found one doc’s way of crossing the Rubicon: Organize the transition with project management software.

National survey finds PHR usage is still low, but growing — A recent survey shows PHR usage is growing, but Americans won’t trust just anyone with their health information.

Office for Civil Rights updates systems for breach notifications — Under the HITECH Act, organizations covered by HIPAA provisions must provide the Office for Civil Rights with information about privacy and security breaches affecting more than 500 people.

More hospital-based docs now eligible for HITECH Act reimbursement — The HITECH Act has been amended by a new federal law that makes more hospital-based physicians eligible for meaningful use reimbursements.

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Health IT Pulse Blog Update: Week in Review- Creating a #healthit business plan, and other news
Creating a health IT business plan, and other ...: Health care IT managers have a lot on their ...