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Choosing the right EHR vendor, and other news

Of all the EHR vendors out there — especially a cadre of new ones catering to solo docs and small group practices — how do you pick one that will be around for the long haul? Providers who look at only the obvious factors of price and usability could be making a costly mistake if the vendor goes out of business.

Yesterday’s article on picking an EHR vendor offers some important advice on choosing the right vendor for the long haul.

Check out the rest of last week’s coverage:

Patient engagement in IT use leads to richer health experiences — Policymakers and IT developers should consider ways to ensure that patient engagement is at the forefront of technology adoption, advocates tell a federal advisory committee.

Health IT regulation: FDA is weighing deeper involvement — Health IT regulations could be affected by a 2-year-old Food and Drug Administration proposed rule that’s back in the spotlight. Some fear the rule may slow technology adoption.

Tips for running clinical applications in a virtual environment —  Uncertain about how to run clinical applications in a virtual environment? Check out these tips from an experienced health care IT professional.

Top 10 meaningful use challenges for eligible professionals — What are the most significant challenges that providers face in meeting the requirements for Stage 1 of meaningful use? A recent report describes the top 10.

Not there yet: CMS still toiling away on final meaningful use regulations — The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has finished cataloging all the comments it received on the proposed meaningful use rule and is preparing the draft to go through a clearance process.

Tread carefully when choosing an EHR vendor —  Keep the cluttered landscape of the dot-com boom in mind when deciding on an EHR vendor, lest you end up barking up the wrong tree with the next

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