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CMS clarifies meaningful use attestation process with FAQ answers

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) frequently posts answers to questions health care stakeholders pose — and a hot topic right now is meaningful use attestation procedures. Ranking right up there with the ubiquitous “What is CMS?” these questions are on the minds of hospitals, solo practitioners and small group practices struggling to achieve meaningful use to earn those EHR incentive checks.

 Four answers posted this week clarify more meaningful use points:

  • When meeting the meaningful use objective for personal health record (PHR) requests from a patient at a group practice, how to count it depends on whom the patient asked.
  • Telemedicine patient encounters count for eligible providers, as well as simple consults — but they don’t have to, as long as the provider practice is consistent for those kinds of visits for the entire reporting period.
  • A “patient-requested electronic copy of their health information” is a minimum set that includes a problem list, diagnostic test results, medication list and medication allergy list. That’s the Cliff’s Notes. Read the rest.
  • When a patient sees a physician’s agent such as a nurse practitioner or physician assistant, it does count as being seen by the physician. It doesn’t have to, as long as the practice is consistent in reporting or not reporting all patient visits for the attestation period.

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#CMS offers insight into #meaningfuluse attestation -- what counts, what doesn't #HealthIT #EHR #EMR #hitpol #hitsm
#CMS offers insight into #meaningfuluse attestation -- what counts, what doesn't #HealthIT #EHR #EMR #hitpol #hitsm