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BridgeHead Software, Dell offer health care data management solution

One of the biggest challenges health care institutions face in moving to a paperless environment is the formidable task of managing and storing all that electronic data securely. The proliferation of medical images and the adoption of electronic health records (EHR) has fueled a growing need for robust health care data management solutions.

BridgeHead Software and Dell recently joined forces to offer hospitals a new way to store their medical and administrative data: in a centralized repository within a robust, protected, intelligent enterprise storage environment. The Medical Archive combines Dell’s hardware with BridgeHead’s health care data management software to create what the two companies are calling “a holistic and fully interoperable enterprise solution for hospitals looking to take control of their digital patient and administrative information.”

According to BridgeHead CEO Tony Cotterill, both companies “recognized that hospitals have significant challenges when it comes to the management and storage of data.” He added, “Our aim was to provide a cost-effective, future-proof solution that simplified the data management and storage process while providing robust content protection and security, as well as increasing operational efficiencies that positively affect patient care.”

The Medical Archive integrates data from disparate clinical and administrative systems into a central, scalable repository that wholly understands health care data types and standards, making interoperability easier across hospital applications and simplifying the protection and security of digital information. The underlying technology for the joint solution consists of BH MediStore and BH OfficeStore from BridgeHead and the DX6000 Object Storage Platform from Dell.

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BridgeHead Software, Dell offer health care data management solution #HealthIT
BridgeHead Software, #Dell offer #healthcare #datamanagement solution #healthIT