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Bitglass report: Cloud adoption on the rise in healthcare

The healthcare world has been wary of the cloud for a while now, citing possible HIPAA violation as the main concern and reason for not adopting the cloud. But according to a recent report by Bitglass, Inc. a cloud access security broker based in Campbell, Calif., that may be changing.

The report sampled over 100,000 businesses, with 8,148 of those businesses in the healthcare industry. The results showed that in regulated industries, such as financial services and healthcare, cloud adoption has nearly tripled jumping from 15% in 2014 to 39% this year.

In healthcare alone, cloud adoption has grown to 37% of the market, up from 8% in 2014, the report said.

In fact, SearchHealthIT recently spoke with Shawn Wiora, CIO and chief information security officer at Creative Solutions, based in Fort Worth, Texas, about how his healthcare organization is 100% in the cloud.

Despite this jump in healthcare’s adoption of the cloud, the report said the industry “remains a laggard due in part to HIPAA compliance concerns. Finding security solutions continues to be a challenge for the healthcare industry due to privacy concerns and limited applicability of Mobile Device Management solutions, where doctors have multiple hospital affiliations but only one device.”

But to those who believe cloud computing in healthcare is not and will never be HIPAA compliant, Judy Hanover, research director of provider IT transformation at IDC Health Insights, a research firm in Framingham, Mass., says: “That’s absolutely incorrect.”

Hanover told SearchHealthIT that cloud services enable healthcare organizations to not only access “best of breed” technology but also get back to focusing on the patient.

“The blinding pace at which these organizations are adopting cloud apps suggests that many of the unique needs of regulated industries are being solved by solutions,” the report said.

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