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3D printing continues to grow in healthcare

3D printing continues to gain momentum in the healthcare space.

SearchHealthIT heard at HIMSS 2016 that 3D printing was going to become a major aspect of healthcare and health IT, and now a Research and Markets report confirms this.

According to the report, 3D printing market revenue in healthcare is expected to cross the $3.8 billion mark by 2022.

3D printing is already being used in healthcare for various use cases ranging from creating prosthetic hands for children to helping with face transplants to helping surgeons practice complex surgeries before the procedure is performed on the patient.

“The healthcare industry is experiencing a revolutionary change due to technological advancements in the 3D printing technological framework,” according to the report. ”3D printing in terms of bio-printing, medical & dental implants, ortho-implants and prosthetics among others is pushing the healthcare 3D printing industry to the next level.”

Furthermore, the market for materials that are used in 3D printing in healthcare expected to grow to $1.10 billion by 2022, according to the report. These materials include metals, metal alloys, plastics and ceramics that can be easily integrated with the human body.

Currently, North America has the highest share in terms of revenue and volume of 3D printers, according to the report.

Harry Pappas, founder and CEO of the Intelligent Health Association, told SearchHealthIT that he thought 3D printing would be a “big wild factor” for a lot of people in healthcare.