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Succeeding in healthcare today means navigating the intersection between policy and technology. And with the speed that health IT is changing, along with accompanying regulations, that’s no simple task. Here at SearchHealthIT.com, we aim to help. 

SearchHealthIT.com is the healthcare technology professional’s how-to guide to the IT-enabled healthcare organization. We bring you free news, analysis, and resources that provide insights into crucial trends in healthcare, such as evolving regulations like HIPAA and MACRA, population health and value-based care, health data security, patient engagement, EHR technology improvements, and more.

Don’t want to take our word for it? No problem. Take it from the fingertips of our contributors that include some of healthcare’s heavy hitters, like co-founder of Biz Technology Solutions, Reda Chouffani, physician technologist and President at Qsynthesis, Joseph Kim, and Informatics and Process Improvement Lead at Winnipeg Regional Health, Trevor Strome.

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