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MDLIVE CMO Lyle Berkowitz discusses telehealth services

MDLIVE CMO Lyle Berkowitz talks about why health systems need to start introducing telemedicine -- now.

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EHR issues aren't an overnight fix, but can be addressed

EHRs can be more problem than solution for healthcare organizations, but CIOs can help by talking to practitioners and holding vendors accountable.


Protect healthcare data with these security features

Find the most effective cybersecurity tools to protect healthcare systems and data by looking at these eight key features and what major vendors offer for these features.


Telehealth success requires the right use case

Introducing a telehealth program into a healthcare organization is no easy task. Here, John Chuo from the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia breaks down how healthcare CIOs can help get the job done.

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Health IT and Electronic Health Basics

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    remote patient monitoring

    Remote patient monitoring (RPM) is a subcategory of homecare telehealth that allows patients to use mobile medical devices or technology to gather patient-generated health data (PGHD) and send it to healthcare professionals.

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    What are the potential RPA use cases in healthcare?

    Robotic process automation is beginning to appear in many industries, including healthcare. Here, an expert discusses RPA use cases in healthcare.

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    How healthcare AI technology can improve patient outcomes

    There are seemingly endless possibilities for AI in healthcare, whether it's as a set of second eyes for radiologists or as a tool to improve patient engagement.

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