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The role of AI in reducing medical errors

EHRs on their own don't always have the capabilities needed to detect abnormalities in a patient's chart. Fortunately, AI can help detect medical errors that may go unnoticed.


Space tech inspiration behind neurosurgery robot arm

Modus V may be the first robot assistant for neurosurgeons. Sebastian Koga, M.D., called the robotically controlled digital microscope an extension of a surgeon's vision.


CMS, ONC rules are stuck due to shutdown

The healthcare sector is anxiously awaiting the release of federal health agencies' rules on interoperability, but the government shutdown will further delay their release.


Two radiologists say AI is making a real difference

Two radiologists provide examples of how AI is making its mark in their field, such as comparing old and new images and helping prioritize critical cases.

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Health IT and Electronic Health Basics

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    HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society)

    The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to promote the best use of IT and management systems in the healthcare industry.

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    Microsoft targets healthcare with open source FHIR server

    Microsoft is just one of several tech giants targeting healthcare organizations with the recent release of its new open source FHIR Server for its Azure cloud.

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    Meaningful Use

    In the context of health IT, meaningful use is a term used to define minimum U.S. government standards for electronic health records (EHR), outlining how clinical patient data should be exchanged between healthcare providers, between providers and ...

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