Workflow and process management software and systems

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  • Data exchange: The coming ICD-10 onslaught

    What happens when the goal of health information exchange meets a wave of new payment coding practices? No one in the healthcare industry is quite sure yet, although most agree time is running out to prepare for the ICD-10 conversion. Meanwhile, more... 

  • medical transcription software (MTS)

    Medical transcription software (MTS) is a specialized speech recognition program that includes a database of medical terminology. 

  • computer assisted coding system (CACS)

    A computer assisted coding system (CACS) is a computer software application that analyzes health care documents and produces appropriate medical codes for specific phrases and terms within the document. 

  • problem list

    In health IT, a problem list is a designated section of a patient's medical chart that details the most important medical information. 

  • clinical decision support system (CDSS)

    A clinical decision support system (CDSS) is an application that analyzes data to help healthcare providers make clinical decisions.  A CDSS is an adaptation of the decision support system commonly used to support business management. 

About Workflow and process management software and systems

View news, tips and resources for improving clinical workflow using process management software and systems. Learn how to improve efficiency, develop and implement workflow standards and build clinical and business project management programs that focus on how physicians and clinicians do their best work.