Health care cloud architecture

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  • VDI environments aim to address mobile devices, remote workers

    As health systems grapple with a host of new problems -- among them complications from HIPAA compliance regulations -- providers are actively seeking solutions to the myriad issues confronting hospitals' technology infrastructure. And with less-centr... 

  • Healthcare in the cloud

    Cloud computing can be relevant to any business in any industry. However, cloud computing in healthcare may be particularly important because of the industry's history with paper-based records and overall poor adoption of computers for anything other... 

  • Health care cloud computing: Ensuring patient data security

    Cloud computing holds a lot of promise for the healthcare industry, since infrastructure costs can hinder the adoption of EHR systems. However, many providers shy away from cloud services because of security concerns. Inside this e-zine, gain insight... 

  • health care cloud

    A health care cloud is a cloud computing service used for the storage of personal health information (PHI) on the part of health care providers. 

About Health care cloud architecture

Cloud architecture helps health care organizations improve data exchange while saving money. Cloud implementation is not without its challenges, though. Find resources for implementing private health care cloud architecture within your organization's walls. If you are working with a cloud service provider, learn the questions to ask to make sure the provider takes cloud security seriously.