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Health IT Topics

IT infrastructure

Find resources, news and tips on health care IT infrastructure systems and design and building electronic health systems, including medical devices, servers and virtual servers, desktops and virtual desktops, laptops, storage, wired and wireless networking, security systems and disaster recovery. More about IT infrastructure

Hospital IT applications

Find out everything you need to know about running electronic health care systems and applications, including, records management, billing and inventory. More about Hospital IT applications

Health IT planning

Understand what health care providers need to know about health care IT management and organization and managing regional health care partners and networks, including organization and governance, electronic health record requirements, health care regulation, health care funding, certification, compliance and interoperability. More about Health IT planning

Health IT compliance

Determine the requirements, policies and controls for managing electronic health care IT compliance, including privacy and security of personal medical records, personal health information and as required by ARRA, HITECH and HIPAA. More about Health IT compliance

Health IT conferences

Major health IT conferences offer IT professionals a great opportunity to meet their peers and see new products in action. Focusing on topics such as information management, coding, radiology, telehealth and mobile health, these health information technology conferences are also great learning opportunities. Our editorial staff attends HIMSS, AHIMA and other health IT events and one-day seminars to get the pulse of the industry. Find news, videos and other coverage of these health IT conferences here. More about Health IT conferences

EHR systems

Electronic health record (EHR) systems play a vital role in health care -- and, as of 2015, EHR use is mandatory for health care providers in the U.S. Find resources here for navigating the complexities of using EHR systems, from EHR selection and implementation to user training. EHR vendors can also learn about the federal government's EHR certification program here. More about EHR systems

Health care regulations

Federal health care regulations can have a tremendous impact on an organization's health IT strategy and budget. Find out how new health care laws about electronic health record (EHR) use, quality reporting and ICD-10 codes -- and the deadlines associated with them -- are affecting the ways that hospitals do business. In addition, learn how providers are addressing federal health care regulations meant to improve care quality and cut costs. More about Health care regulations