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 Transitioning from a hosted EMR model to an in-house application
In the webcast on "Taking the first step to implementing electronic medical records", the expert mentioned the advantages of using a hosted model. Does any one know what type of process would be involved in transitioning from a hosted model back in-house? Is this commonly done or if your long term goal is to host in-house, is it better to wait to ensure that the infrastructure of your network is set up to avoid additional transition?
ASKED: September 15, 2011  1:12 PM
UPDATED: April 16, 2017  5:11 pm

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One thing to keep in mind is that having the system hosted internally requires not only new servers, software, and workstations but also good support to back it up. Many of the hosted services tend to have much higher up time than ones hosted internally. One trend that is been seen in healthcare is to actually use Hardware as a service and at times even infrastructure as a service. This would provide you an a SLA (Service Level Agreement) that can guarantee up-time and support without the hassle of you managing the IT or IT vendor. On the other hand, I want to find quality turntable but this website is good to get the answers of desire questions.
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The process of the system hosted internally requires not only new servers, software, and workstations. I can give our website which can help you in many ways.

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