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Data retention schedules in Health IT
One overarching storage strategy that our experts continue to recommend is that health care organizations use <a href=””>tiered storage</a>. This principle suggests that, as data gets older, orgs can store it on slower, less expensive storage, since it is unlikely that either clinical or legal employees will need to access the data at a moment’s...

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data storage, Legal, retention schedules
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Value of CompTIA Healthcare IT Technician
It may be worth it as a ‘rubber stamp’ to put on a resume…However I have yet to see anyone in the field actually care about their A+ certification which this seems to be an extension of.

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certification, CompTIA
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What are the best DCSM software packages people are using
Good Day! Tell “them” that the economics of doing it wrong is the answer. it is not the failure of bean counters, it’s the failure to interpret return on investment by techies for the bean counters. Most techies do not speak capital acquisition formula. Most bean counters don’t speak SCOM, EMS, EdgeSight and so forth....

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Asset, Data centers, data centers and servers, DCSM, Inventory, Management
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Adoption of mHealth by chronic disease
This is a great question. When I first read it, I started to wonder if we should look at the value from the patient’s prespective or hte provider’s side. Ofrouce clinicians need to have access to data about the patient’s health which would assist them during the treatment and ensure the patient’s well being, but...

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chronic disease, disease management, mhealth
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The health care consumer (aka patient) as stakeholder
I just finished writing a small post about the patient participating in the treatment selection and such. And It is a great question that you are discussing in this site. I think the patient should actively participate in her/his care. We are seeing more and more patients looking in search engines for more information about...

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care, communication, consumer, coordination, inclusion, outcomes, patient, stakeholder, transparency
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Which HIE/RHIO should a physician join?
There are certainly a lot of options. Under the HITECH Act, <a href=””>each state has its own HIE</a>, though some have made a lot more progress than others. If you are part of a physician group, or you are affiliated with a hospital, then that organization may be part of a private HIE. If you...

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cost, HIE, Physician Practice, rhio, ROI
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Seminar for Electronic Medical Records Management
Hi there! and the Health IT Exchange have a few events coming up this year that might be a great fit for you and your team, complementary to all qualified attendees (i.e. provider IT leaders). Please visit <a href=””></a> for more information! For a limited time, you are able to access all of the...

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Conferences, EHR records management, medical records, Seminar
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Pros and cons of using a SaaS
A while back I wrote an article that talked about the differences between the differences of EHR / PM implementation models. Feel free to review some of the charts available with comparative analysis. <a href=””>Click here</a> or here <a href=””>Full article </a>

View Answer   |  August 21, 2010  4:55 am
EMR, Practice Management Systems, SaaS
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Interfacing best-of-breed PM/EHR solutions via HL7 transactions
Most mid size and large organizations are using HL7 for integration. From sending simple Patient demographics over the network or receiving the charge from the EMR and creating the encounter automatically at the PM level there is rarely a problem. It is unfortunate that many vendors tend to discourage HL7 simply to get you to...

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Best-of-breed, ehr, Practice Management Systems
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Practice Management System (PMS) features
For small group practices, the California HealthCare Foundation has published an excellent <a href=””>primer on practice management systems</a>. The document provides a good overview of what features to expect. It lists a number of features that differentiate the PMSs, some of which I would be inclined to put on my “absolutely-must-have” list (for example, a...

View Answer   |  July 27, 2010  5:00 pm
PMS, Practice Management Systems
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EMR/PM SaaS solutions for smaller practices
eCW or eClinicalWorks provides that model for EHR/PM as a SaaS. They also list there prices on line. There are also other service providers such as Athenahealth. Keep in mind that many others do have similar module, however their pricing would not be based on concurrent users. NextGen, Greenway and AllScripts are also available as...

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EMR, Physician Practice, Practice Management, SaaS
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Tablets in health care
I am very interested in this question as well. I am planning on running a few EMR apps on an iPad – sometimes through app virtualization technology as many apps are windows-basec client/server apps. Those are easy to access via iPad – the question is whether the app is easy enough to use on such...

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Apple, dell, google android, iPad, streak, tablet pc
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How do I figure out the cost comparison between EMR systems?
During the process of selecting an EHR, one critical step is to identify the TCO (Total cost of ownership). As you have mentioned, there are certainly different models that vendors would quote the EHR package. Some include hardware, and software costs upfront with reoccurring maintenance fees, others are simply a monthly subscription fee. In most...

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cost, EMR, licencing, subscription
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Biomedical Engineering degree or online Health Informatics Program for a programmer?
I recommend that you look to the EMR vendors. I know that Epic Systems is still hiring many developers and technical services employees out of academic programs. With a MS in CS, you should be able to land a job there. Too many academic qualifications can kill your career aspirations – my 2 cents.

View Answer   |  May 28, 2010  3:57 pm
biomedical, career, software
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