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PCMH solutions
I have been hired to help transform a healthcare system organization that performs poorly on quality measures and is in danger of financial collapse. What technology should I use to aid in the transformation?

View Answer   |  February 27, 2013  5:05 pm
ehr, Meaningful use, PCMH
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Epic Certification
You must be “sponsored” for Epic certification.  There are 3 ways to get sponsored 1) As an employee of Epic. 2) An employee of a hospital that implemented, or is about to implement Epic. 3) Work for a consulting firm that has partnered with Epic (i.e. MaxIT). I am happy to state…I will be sponsored next month! ...

View Answer   |  September 29, 2012  6:19 pm
certification, epic
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What if EHR doesn’t live up to promises?
For starters, it’s worth pointing out that, for each of the meaningful use requirements, there are corresponding <a href=””>EHR standards</a> that vendors must meet. Put another way, EHR vendors must be able to demonstrate to ONC-ATCBs that their systems are able to perform the task (that is, meet the standard) related to each meaningful use...

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EHR Certification, EHR implementation
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How can I find where to submit my public health data?
You have to contact your local or state public health agencies and immunization registries for instructions on how to submit the data. <a href=””></a>

View Answer   |  March 14, 2012  2:00 pm
EHR Incentive, Health information exchange, Meaningful use
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Can we get EHR incentive money for shared EHR system?
Yes, according to CMS, both practices could receive meaningful use incentive payments separately.

View Answer   |  March 14, 2012  1:33 pm
EHR implementation, EHR Incentive, Meaningful use stage 1
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Data exchange services of HIEs?
There are most likely going to see more value add services such as: Request of Information Access to Lab data EHR Lite (subscription based) Mobile Access to charts These are just to name few. The idea is to have services that will help them generate some revenue to support and maintain the HIE.

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Data exchange, Direct Project, ePrescribing, eRx, Health information exchanges, HIEs
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MU incentives and Long Term Care facilities
Agree, there are currently a number of organizations looking into this by starting with the pharmacists who work in LTC. Check with the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists (ASCP).

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Coordinated care, EHR incentives, Interoperability, Long term care, LTC facilities, Meaningful use, MU
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Meaningful Use for Radiologists
Here’s where you’ll find your answer: With an estimated $1.5 billion in potential stimulus bonus payments for radiologist professionals at stake, and penalties looming farther down the road, radiologists would be wise to study and respond to recent federal regulations related to meaningful use of complete certified ambulatory electronic health records and their equivalents....

View Answer   |  October 18, 2011  3:07 am
meaningful use incentives, Radiology
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HIT Cettification
Which certification exam are you referring to? There are several groups out there “certifying” for health IT.

View Answer   |  October 12, 2011  5:32 pm
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Meaningful use status
I have worked with a few physicians who are still confused about the attestation process. They are working in independent, ambulatory private practice settings. CMS does not provide the best customer service to answer questions, provide feedback, etc. Many physicians don’t want to go through the trouble of the process and others are pessimistic about...

View Answer   |  October 12, 2011  2:53 pm
attesting, Meaningful use
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Meaningful Use Days for 2011
I understood that the deadline to attest is October 2012, and you had to have been using EHR for 90 days prior.

View Answer   |  September 27, 2011  3:19 pm
Meaningful use stage 1
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Value of CompTIA Healthcare IT Technician
It may be worth it as a ‘rubber stamp’ to put on a resume…However I have yet to see anyone in the field actually care about their A+ certification which this seems to be an extension of.

View Answer   |  September 13, 2011  1:49 pm
certification, CompTIA
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Since meaningful use requires a HIPAA Security Risk Analysis, that is a logical starting point when it comes to meeting your security needs for EMR specifically and for ensuring that general security controls are in place (as per the OIG’s audit of CMS/OCR). We recommend that covered entities and eligible providers contract with an outside...

View Answer   |  August 25, 2011  2:10 pm
ARRA, HIPAA, Meaningful use, Medicare
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HIPAA and other compliance on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets)
Health care professionals are using secure messaging portals that are also available on mobile devices. Therefore, short messages (SMS) can also be sent through these secure portals.

View Answer   |  June 27, 2011  9:22 pm
Compliance, HIPAA, smartphones, tablets
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Meaningful use of EHR Stage 1 Requirements
There is a great document that summarized everything for MU1. As for MU Stage 2, there are talks about delaying it to 2014. But there is a document outlining the proposed Stage 2 and 3 measures:

View Answer   |  May 9, 2011  2:42 am
Meaningful use stage 1, Meaningful use stage 2, regulation
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Is a HIPAA Risk Analysis a project or a process?
HIPAA risk analysis must be part of every Healthcare organization’s IT process. Because of the sensitivity of the data as well as higher penalties associated with data breach it is very important to make it a top priority for hospital CIOs. I did review your blog entry and I do see value in what you...

View Answer   |  March 27, 2011  7:29 pm
Health IT security, HIPAA risk analysis, HIPAA Security Rule, HITECH, Meaningful use
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What is the practical value of health IT certification
The educational system lacked specific degrees that combine technology and health-care. And to resolve that need many of the groups out there created certification or programs that can help create this new breed of knowledge. With some of the federal grants for example in the state of NC we have three colleges that receive support...

View Answer   |  January 9, 2011  7:09 pm
certification, HIMSS
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Which ED patients are included in the denominator for MU measures?
Hey Bobkim I was able to research this a littl eand found the answer directly from the mouth: Our intent is to include in the denominator visits to emergency departments (EDs) of sufficient duration and complexity that all of the Meaningful Use objectives for which the ED is included would be relevant. We also want...

View Answer   |  November 15, 2010  2:00 am
EHR Incentive Meaningful use
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CPHIT/CPEHR Health IT Certification Training Camp
I have reviewed some of the programs that are being Federally funded for HITECH and they provide a lot of useful education. CPHIT and CPEHR do also provide great training on many of the important aspects of Health IT. The key to Heath IT is the terminology and understanding the work flows. From the billing...

View Answer   |  October 18, 2010  2:35 am
CPHIT/CPEHR Health IT Certification
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Requirement to use certified EHRs retarding innovation?
While it is clear that requiring that every product go throught a certifying body to ensure certain specific functions exist may push many vendors away, on a positive note many of the requirements of the certifications are and should be available in any EHR that any size practice should use. The costs initially were a...

View Answer   |  September 26, 2010  2:49 am
EHR Certification, EHR Incentive, EHR systems
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