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Epic Certification
You must be “sponsored” for Epic certification.  There are 3 ways to get sponsored 1) As an employee of Epic. 2) An employee of a hospital that implemented, or is about to implement Epic. 3) Work for a consulting firm that has partnered with Epic (i.e. MaxIT). I am happy to state…I will be sponsored next month! ...

View Answer   |  September 29, 2012  6:19 pm
certification, epic
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Printing via Mac Hosting XP Through Parallels
It may be possible to print from a Macbook to one or more designated printers using the Mac Drivers. This would require these printers to be visible on the internal IP network. Ignore this suggestion if your printers are not on the network but directly connected to Windows machines. If the printers are network-capable, then...

View Answer   |  September 21, 2011  10:49 pm
Citrix, MacBook, Parallels, printing, Windows 7
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go to Contact Kaiser Permanente has implemented the EPIC Care and other modules since 2005

View Answer   |  September 7, 2011  9:44 pm
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Application interface strategy
The best approach would be to review what data your HIS team will be looking at transferring into the EPIC system. Identify whether you will be needing the x-rays, MRIs, Scanned documents, Lab results, scanned labs, etc. Once you review that, then I identify which ones you can migrate over or interface (completing the Epic...

View Answer   |  May 16, 2011  3:07 am
epic, HIS, Integration Engine
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Free mobile apps
Many of the free apps are offered as a way to get more users to install adn download them. Once you get enough users with the app you can expose them to Ads (which are the ones that usually pay the developer for fees). Keep in mind that if you have a free healthcare App,...

View Answer   |  March 27, 2011  7:20 pm
app, mobile health
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Windows Phone 7 in health IT?
Windows Phone 7 is a very interesting platform. It is offering a lot of flexibility for software developers. The platform will allow software developers that have written applications using XNA (gaming development platform) or Silverlight will be able to use the application in the phone with very little modification. This is very different from the...

View Answer   |  November 29, 2010  4:45 am
microsoft, windows phone 7
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Citrix and healthcare security
In most cases Citrix Receiver as well as Microsoft RDP are “secure” compared to many other products such as VNC. It would be ideal to actually use the CITRIX Gateway to ensure that the connection is in fact encrypted.

View Answer   |  August 30, 2010  4:11 am
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Flash supporting Android tablet- backlash on Apple?
For the last few months, there have beenb many sites that would decode simple flash clips and provide them in a more javascript based solution. This seems to allow some basic flash viewing on the iPhone, but not for advanced capabilities or functions. The very interesting thing is that Microsoft’s equivalent of flash which is...

View Answer   |  June 19, 2010  7:53 pm
Adobe, Android, Apple, Flash, iPad, iphone
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Tablets in health care
I am very interested in this question as well. I am planning on running a few EMR apps on an iPad – sometimes through app virtualization technology as many apps are windows-basec client/server apps. Those are easy to access via iPad – the question is whether the app is easy enough to use on such...

View Answer   |  June 15, 2010  2:20 am
Apple, dell, google android, iPad, streak, tablet pc
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What are the weakness of EHR?
There are certainly a few things to keep in mind. Many physicians, for example, do not like the way that using an EHR system interrupts the normal workflow of a patient visit. In addition, if one hospital department is using an EHR system, but another department is using a different system, or isn’t using one...

View Answer   |  April 28, 2010  12:57 pm
Health care inventory management systems and software
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