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Looking for assistance on EHR system evaluation
While I’m not completely unbiased, has some great tools to selecting and assessing your EHR situation: Select or Upgrade to a Certified EHR also has some good resources, but they’re more focused on things like Meaningful Use and the like. Many direct vendors don’t always offer great service or implementation help, especially with...

View Answer   |  November 8, 2013  4:20 pm
EHR adoption
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Looking for advice on EHR
Do you have a system in place – I would certainly recommend OmniMD – Do let me know if you have any particular questions on implementaion

View Answer   |  May 6, 2013  1:25 am
EHR implementation
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Has anyone connected the XDS.b protocol thru a Interface Engine?
Dynamic Health IT turnkey Interface Solution, HL7Connect supports the much needed XDS protocol allowing EMRs to transfer CCDs to HIEs With the use of the Interface Engine and basic vb scripting “tweaking” for different systems is not an issue.  

View Answer   |  May 2, 2013  6:40 pm
CCD, ehr, EMR, HIE, HIE XDS.b Interface Engine EMR
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PCMH solutions
I have been hired to help transform a healthcare system organization that performs poorly on quality measures and is in danger of financial collapse. What technology should I use to aid in the transformation?

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ehr, Meaningful use, PCMH
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Interoperability of EMRs
There are two potential directions for this to happen.  I am only going to try to answer this in terms of a national effort as when we take a global approach, there would be many more challenges that we would face. Patient drive Health record sharing push:  In this model the patients are their own...

View Answer   |  December 11, 2012  9:23 pm
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Next step in tech adoption
The incentive program has shown many positive signs in terms of adoption of certified EHR, HIE and ePrescribing.  With a combination of fear of penalties, as well as potential incentives available, it makes for a compelling reason for organizations to evaluate what is available.  But the reality is that a facility should decide to adopt...

View Answer   |  January 10, 2013  6:42 pm
EHR adoption, EHR selection, HIE
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Electronic health record design team
Where can they find guidance for their screen design project?

View Answer   |  June 18, 2015  7:18 pm
electronic health record
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Is competition appropriate in in the healthcare market place?
Healthy competition is necessary in any type of industry these days. This gives patients myriad of options and giving them the liberty to choose what type of coverage they will purchase. Monopoly is never a good thing and for me having options is advantageous on the part of consumers. Sure they have the options but...

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competition, healthcare
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EHR and Clinical Viewers
<a href=””>

View Answer   |  August 29, 2012  11:29 am
Clinical Viewer, Clinical Workbench, ehr
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EHR uptime and continuous availability
Becky, I suggest that each office has a couple laptops with aircards for EHR connectivity during diaster recovery and/or an ISP outage. The probability of the mobile connectivity being unavailable at the same time as your regular ISP provider is highly unlikely. This, of course, only works if there is a cloud application for your...

View Answer   |  May 10, 2012  2:21 pm
disaster recovery, ehr
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Clinical application training space
I am currently doing Epic training for Ochsner Hospital in New Orleans. We are training approx 600 physicians, a couple thousand nurses, and of course, NP’s, midwives, etc. Ochsner build temporary trailers, called Mod Spaces (Modular) and it has worked out fine. This allows for the physician to focus more on the training (being away...

View Answer   |  May 4, 2012  2:15 pm
Classroom, clinical applications, EMR, facilities, informatics
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Resource allocation and project prioritization for enterprise-level initiatives
Federal compliance is huge things these days. With all infrastructure projects, funding, staffing, it become hard to organize and manage. We have the same situation. It is so difficult that we have change CIO twice for last two years. My suggestion is that, take a small step at a time with the overall picture in...

View Answer   |  April 27, 2012  2:09 pm
disaster recovery, EHR implementation, Infrastructure, Tags: Resource allocation
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What if EHR doesn’t live up to promises?
For starters, it’s worth pointing out that, for each of the meaningful use requirements, there are corresponding <a href=””>EHR standards</a> that vendors must meet. Put another way, EHR vendors must be able to demonstrate to ONC-ATCBs that their systems are able to perform the task (that is, meet the standard) related to each meaningful use...

View Answer   |  March 15, 2012  2:02 am
EHR Certification, EHR implementation
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Can we get EHR incentive money for shared EHR system?
Yes, according to CMS, both practices could receive meaningful use incentive payments separately.

View Answer   |  March 14, 2012  1:33 pm
EHR implementation, EHR Incentive, Meaningful use stage 1
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Standards for EHR integration of CCD data at the HIE level
On some of the EHR that I have worked with, some of the imported CCD/CCR documents have been mostly setup as attached documents that are viewed as human readable format (In some cases as HTML pages. I have found that in some EHR products you have the ability to select the specific information (medication list,...

View Answer   |  January 30, 2012  3:04 am
CCD, Continuity of care document, EHR standards, EHRs, Health information exchanges, HIEs
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Are specialists included in the populations an REC serves?
The main role of the RECs, under the HITECH Act, is to help small physician practices with EHR implementation. The stipulation is that such practices would not ordinarily possess either the resources or the technical know-how to implement EHR themselves. Under the HITECH Act, RECs are not specifically barred from serving certain specialties. However, it...

View Answer   |  December 19, 2011  8:19 pm
EHR implementation, RECs, Regional Extension Centers
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ACO performance measurements and reporting
The task of integrating EHR’s, for purposes of operationing an ACO’s, will be crucial, and is being addressed in various ways, at certain granular levels. For example, some hospitals are building private HIE’s, which are providing a CCD summary, latest lab results, and active Rx’s. Being more granular, for an example of comparing apples to...

View Answer   |  December 19, 2011  2:45 pm
Accountable Care Organizations, ACOs, ehr, EMR, Performance measures
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HIPAA rule and data backup location
HIPAA requires covered entities to develop plans and implement procedures to back up data and otherwise enable disaster recovery and continuity of operations, all under the contingency planning standard within the administrative safeguards described in 45 CFR 164.308. There is also language in the physical safeguards in 45 CFR 164.310 that data backups should include...

View Answer   |  January 10, 2013  3:53 pm
Data backup, Data Warehouse, ehr, HIPAA
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Total cost of ownership of EHR implementation?
Great question! You’ve included asking about the cost of “choosing” an EHR, whereas, the usual buyer will not address this “soft”, intangible cost! Hence, let me first address that cost. As you are aware, there are thousands of certified solutions to choose from, so you need to narrow that list down, hence cutting the cost...

View Answer   |  December 16, 2011  3:09 pm
ehr, EHR adoption, EHR implementation, electronic health record
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EHR and risk management?
Mainly be reducing errors. A good place to begin: tracking drug-related errors. Prescription errors, drug-drug interactions, allergies/warnings/alerts, etc.

View Answer   |  December 2, 2011  3:48 pm
ehr, Electronic health records, Risk management
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