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Who is moving forward with ICD-10 and what platform are they goign to implement this on?

Answer Question   |  September 21, 2011  3:48 pm
Health software
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Electronic Health Records Software
Who are the leading vendors of Electronic Health Records Software. Do these vendors all provide COTS solutions, or do they offer customized individual solutions.

Answer Question   |  September 25, 2011  2:49 pm
EHR systems
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CMS Proprietary Healthcare Web Browser
Why can’t CMS sponsor the development of a proprietary Healthcare Web Browser for the exclusive use of providers, services (Rx, imaging, testing, etc.) and payers with secure user name and location identifiers with every connection? A thin-client install on every user platform could enable exclusive access in and out of a CMS ran “cloud.” Every...

Answer Question   |  February 21, 2017  2:36 pm
browser, Internet, messages
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Unknown Error message
I keep getting an error message if I’m using the computer across any mode: internet, typing in Outlook, etc… It says “An unknown error has occurred. Critical exception has occurred. If the problem persists contact an administrator” and it says “Continue” and when I press it, it will clear itself, but it drives me crazy...

Answer Question   |  September 21, 2011  2:18 pm
unknown error exception
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Device integration standards
Integrating data from medical devices into medical records is being on the rise during the past decade. However, initiatives to standardize device communication and connectivity are not clear nor sufficient. Is there any discussion about this subject?

Answer Question   |  August 1, 2016  2:12 pm
medical devices
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how secure are devices from malware?
As devices become more complex and more interconnected to networks, the possibility of vulnerability to malicious code and/or hardware becomes just as real for medical/forensic equipment as for the banking industry or the electric power grid, with potentially life-threatening consequences. Are standards evolving to keep pace with this threat? Are devices being subjected to the...

Answer Question   |  September 21, 2011  2:11 pm
dna testing, forensics, malware, stuxnet
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Interoperability Issues with health care data
What is the current impact imposed by interoperability issues when deploying an electronic health reocrd system?

Answer Question   |  September 21, 2011  2:07 pm
Electronic Health Record (EHR), healthcare it
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Success with Vendors of Analytics for Employers
We are an employer that is evaluating vendors to warehouse our medical claims data and allow us to do reporting of data collected from both from our on-site health care clinics and from our primary health care provider.  We are in the process of evaluating vendors and am looking to find out if anyone has any...

Answer Question   |  September 21, 2011  1:40 pm
Claims Analytics for Employers
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What’s the penalty…
What’s the penalty for not having all the reporting functioning for all your providers in the Meaningful Use metrix by October 1 especially when that involves reprograming Practice Management information to fulfill documentation?

Answer Question   |  September 21, 2011  1:30 pm
PDS Cortex, penalties, Practice Partner
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Health Information Storage
How are companies particularly health care organizations, including hospitals, cbos, family planning centers, clinics and nursing homes going to handle the new EHR, PHR and other IT issues for the next years? Pay close attention to mandates from Affordable Health Care Act signed into law.

Answer Question   |  July 11, 2017  8:15 pm
Data mining, data warehousing
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Patient Safety Officer and the EHR
How are you using the patient safety officer in the build/implementation of your EHR? If not, would you consider bringing them into the discussion?

Answer Question   |  September 16, 2011  4:18 pm
EHR implementation, safety
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Transitioning from a hosted EMR model to an in-house application
In the webcast on “Taking the first step to implementing electronic medical records”, the expert mentioned the advantages of using a hosted model. Does any one know what type of process would be involved in transitioning from a hosted model back in-house? Is this commonly done or if your long term goal is to...

Answer Question   |  October 26, 2017  1:12 pm
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HIE services and data mining capabilities
What services are HIEs providing aside from facilitating the exchange of electronic health info/EHRs? For example, secure e-messaging (Direct Project), etc.? Are there data mining capabilities?

Answer Question   |  February 23, 2017  6:25 pm
Data exchange, Data mining, EHR Integration, Health information exchange, HIE
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Total cost of EHR ownership?
is the total cost of ownership for choosing, implementing and maintaining an EHR at the hospital level? What factors should be going into the assessment? What team members should be leading the charge/involved?

Answer Question   |  September 13, 2011  6:13 pm
ehr, EHR implementation, EHR selection, Electronic health records
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RECs and health care vendor relationships
do RECs work with (or compete against?) health care vendors who already offer a “community” system (community system = data sharing amongst their own products, i.e., ambulatory, homecare and hospital)?

Answer Question   |  October 24, 2011  5:56 pm
Health information exchange, HIE, REC, Regional Extension Centers, Vendor collaboration
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EHR workflow assessments
terms of making changes to established workflows to satisfy EHR software regulations, what has been the best route to take to assess end user acceptance? How did you secure their nod and support? Map out inpatient workflows, prior to selecting an EHR, and then put forth efforts to update it as implemented? Any advice is...

Answer Question   |  October 24, 2011  5:54 pm
ehr, EHR adoption, EHR usability, Electronic health records, Workflow
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EHR and Clinical Viewers
Hi ! We currently have a scanned medical record system and a raft of departmental health records (Emergency, Surgery, Community etc.). We are examining the possibilities of an enterprise health record, with, hopefully, a decision support / clinical work bench back drop. We are interested in others’ experiences, recommendations … especially any pitfalls to avoid...

Answer Question   |  August 29, 2012  8:44 am
Clinical Viewer, Clinical Workbench, ehr
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How much redundency is necessary? Should we ever use paper records?

Answer Question   |  February 23, 2017  6:43 am
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Number of associates that should be given telecommuting access, as part of a business continuity plan.
How critical is it to provide some or all employees within operations (for a large health insurance organization) the security and accessability to telecommute, as part of a business continuity plan (for pandemics & disasters? This does not apply to those that already telecommute, this would apply to the Operations associates that currently work in the...

Answer Question   |  September 8, 2011  10:05 pm
business continuity, Disaster planning, Disaster preparedness, Disaster recover, disaster recovery
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Anyone have connections with EPIC?  I’m interested in switching from a University setting into the health care setting, and it seems most of the hospitals in MN/ND have switched to EPIC.

Answer Question   |  June 28, 2016  8:34 pm
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