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Readiness for NHIN standards with HIE
Is the NHIN standard going to figure into information exchange, especially in ACOs? It looks like nation-wide HIE is a long way off, maybe even a decade. How much time should be spent on NHIN readiness now?

Answer Question   |  December 30, 2011  2:39 pm
Health information exchange, HIE, NHIN, standards
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sony EricssonX10i lastest soft ware problem
after updating my X10i(mobile) software, iam facing very serious problem in opening images. when ever i open images my phone get stuck or held then i have to restart it. iam fedup of theall the time restarting it.and again it happen whenever i want to open camera images.please help

Answer Question   |  December 18, 2011  5:56 am
Mobile devices and telehealth
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Are specialists included in the populations an REC serves?
Are there some eligible providers that RECs do not serve? I’ve heard they do not help specialists. Are all the RECs under charter to serve the same populations of doctors?

Answer Question   |  July 12, 2017  7:27 pm
EHR implementation, RECs, Regional Extension Centers
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10 pts.

Care delivery and data capture in Accountable Care
Some people setting up ACOs have mentioned one critical flaw to the concept: Collecting data for patient visits when they seek care outside of the ACO’s network (on vacation, don’t like in-network specialists, etc). While patients will be given the choice to go wherever they want for care, how can IT staffs help make sure...

Answer Question   |  September 6, 2016  7:12 pm
Accountable Care Organizations, ACOs, Data collection
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Data exchange services of HIEs?
What services besides the exchanging of data are HIEs prominently providing? ePrescribing, secure e-messaging, Direct Project?

Answer Question   |  February 7, 2017  6:48 pm
Data exchange, Direct Project, ePrescribing, eRx, Health information exchanges, HIEs
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Legal framework, competition in ACO model
How do you get physician practices within an ACO that normally compete with each other to play nice in the sandbox together – building trust that you’re not sharing competitive data with the enemy?

Answer Question   |  December 31, 2016  5:26 pm
Accountable Care Organizations, ACOs, Physicians
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REC and HIE outreach and education
The “build it and they will come” mentality does not work with HIEs. What outreach and education is being done that is making marked difference in enrollment and adoption around the country?

Answer Question   |  November 29, 2017  4:29 pm
ehr, EHR implementation, EHR vendors, Electronic health records, Health information exchanges, HIEs, RECs, Regional Extension Centers
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Working with vendors for EHR maintenance?
What is the best route to take in terms of working with EHR vendors on a regular basis for system maintenance and development needs? Who comprises the team that liaisons with the vendor, and how does that team work collaboratively with in house IT staff?

Answer Question   |  December 16, 2011  4:21 pm
ehr, EHR implementation, EHR vendors, electronic health record, RECs, Regional Extension Centers
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Has the HL7 CDA vs ASTM CCR debate been decided by the RECs?

Answer Question   |  December 16, 2011  3:12 pm
CCR, CDA, HL7, RECs, Regional Extension Centers
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25 pts.

ACO performance measurements and reporting
In an ACO, there will likely be physicians and hospitals and clinics on different brands of EMRs. How complicated is it to standardize how they report patient data so you can compare apples to apples? How do you overcome these issues?

Answer Question   |  December 19, 2011  2:05 pm
Accountable Care Organizations, ACOs, ehr, EMR, Performance measures
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REC sustainability past ONC funding?
Can RECs survive past when their grant money runs out? Will physicians be able to rely on RECs for education and support after the funding runs out, or will most of them fold their tents?

Answer Question   |  December 15, 2011  9:55 pm
ONC, RECs, Regional Extension Centers
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5 pts.

Total cost of ownership of EHR implementation?
What is the total cost of ownership for choosing, implementing and maintaining EHRs? What are the factors going into that assessment?

Answer Question   |  August 3, 2017  9:08 pm
ehr, EHR adoption, EHR implementation, electronic health record
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10 pts.

Clinical data warehouse; necessity for ACO?
Can ACOs be done without a clinical data warehouse, or is that requirement #1 when planning the IT support for an ACO?

Answer Question   |  August 28, 2017  8:23 pm
Accountable Care Organizations, ACOs, Clinical data warehousing
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Sharing protected patient health formation across entities
Has anyone had experience with getting consent from patients to share EHI/PHI across entities. Are you looking at consenting patients electronically?

Answer Question   |  December 3, 2016  8:11 pm
Data exchange, EHI, HIPAA, PHI, Protected health information
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Workflow considerations for EHR safety regs?
In looking at having to change established workflows to satisfy EHR software regulations, how do you assess your end-users acceptance of it? How did you secure their nod and support?

Answer Question   |  December 15, 2011  4:34 pm
ehr, electronic health record, software, Workflow
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25 pts.

HIPAA rule and data backup location
Where in the HIPAA rule or updates does it say that covered entities must keep data backups a minimum of five miles away from the original site? Or, does it not say this? I’ve heard this in conversation and am looking for a confirmation from any HIPAA experts.

Answer Question   |  April 19, 2017  2:34 pm
Data backup, Data Warehouse, ehr, HIPAA
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25 pts.

Adoption of smartphones for healthcare delivery
During the video segment regarding “Game Changing Mobile Health Applications” on the Dell Empowers site, the expert briefly discusses advantages of using smartphones. But what steps must be taken to integrate mobile health devices with other health IT systems within an organization?

Answer Question   |  October 5, 2017  4:58 pm
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Evidence of mobile health increasing patient engagement?
Is there any long-term evidence to support that mHealth technology, tools, apps, etc. can truly modify behavior by increasing patient engagement and connectivity? I’d be interested to hear from providers who have seen a “lasting” uptick in patient engagement and if there is any adherence data for some of today’s most utilized mHealth applications. Thanks!

Answer Question   |  October 26, 2016  8:11 pm
Behavior modification, mhealth, mobile health, patient engagement
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5 pts.

MU incentives and Long Term Care facilities
What is the future of MU incentives being applied to those in the Long Term Care arena? This group has been left out of the meaningful use pie to date, yet for total industry interoperability and a true connected care continuum, I can’t see how this segmentation is sustainable.

Answer Question   |  December 2, 2011  8:02 pm
Coordinated care, EHR incentives, Interoperability, Long term care, LTC facilities, Meaningful use, MU
asked by:
15 pts.

EHRs and third party billing
Our facility depends on third party revenues to survive. What impact will EHRs have on our billing?

Answer Question   |  November 14, 2011  8:02 pm
Billing, ehr, electronic health record
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10 pts.

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