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 Has anyone connected the XDS.b protocol thru a Interface Engine?
We are beginning to Integrate multiple EMRs with our HIE which uses the XDS.b protocol to transfer CCDs. I'm thinking we will need to the ability to modify these CCDs as they travel between systems. One particular point of concern is the HTML embedded in the CCD will certainly need tweaking for differnt systems, not to mention all he advantages of central administration of the traffic. I'm finding that XDS.b in its early adoption is typically point-2-point, but I'm confident it can be routed thru an engine using SOAP. I'm just not sure it should be. Does anyone have any experiece with this or can address the advantages/dissadvantages.
ASKED: February 28, 2013  6:40 PM
UPDATED: November 17, 2017  12:36 am

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Dynamic Health IT turnkey Interface Solution, HL7Connect supports the much needed XDS protocol allowing EMRs to transfer CCDs to HIEs and with the use of the Interface Engine and basic vb scripting "tweaking" for different systems is not an issue. Actually, Here i'm looking the solution of svchost.exe (netsvcs) but while getting this one i came here to put answer of this question.
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Curious to know the route you took.  We’re at a similar place right now looking at having the CCD’s and XDS.b things go via our engine.  

A couple of questions.
  1. What engine did you end up using to do this?
  2. What HIE do you have?
  3. What physician vendors are you receiving/sending too?
For my own edification, does XDS.b also imply web service?  Can those events be sent via a VPN tunnel? 
We are looking at a few solutions for the engine. 
In order of expense low to high:
  1. Mirth
  2. Cloverleaf
  3. Corepoint
In order of my preference:
  1. Corepoint
  2. Cloverleaf
  3. Mirth
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