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remote patient monitoring


April 29, 2015  4:10 PM

Remote patient monitoring: What CIOs can do to make it happen

Posted by: klee34
chronic diseases, healthcare CIOs, Interoperability, remote patient monitoring

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) is a viable solution to a costly and prevalent problem around the world: chronic diseases. Healthcare CIOs have a vital role to play in making RPM happen, Zafar Chaudry, M.D.,...

May 15, 2014  11:00 AM

Home health technology to top $12 billion by 2016

Posted by: adelvecchio
mobile health technologies, remote patient monitoring, smartwatches, telehealth

Remotely monitoring patients and allowing more self-management of chronic conditions has been made possible by recent developments in home health technology. The trend is just beginning, if a recent market prediction...

October 9, 2012  12:04 PM

OpenNotes study highlights enthusiasm for patient portal engagement

Posted by: adelvecchio
EHR, EHR billing, patient engagement, patient portal, remote patient monitoring

Access to electronic doctors' notes make patients more likely to take medications appropriately, have a better understanding of their medical issues and feel more in control of their health care, as evidenced by the...

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August 21, 2012  10:46 AM

Survey indicates patient interest in increasing telehealth practices

Posted by: adelvecchio
electronic health care, medicare, remote patient monitoring, telehealth, telemedicine

Patients place higher importance on cost rather than in-person health care, according to a survey released last week.  Some 98 percent of 1,723 surveyed Americans said they would prefer to receive health...

May 24, 2012  11:19 AM

FCC plans to open up spectrum for wireless medical devices

Posted by: AnneSteciw
FCC, Medical Body Area Networks, remote patient monitoring, wireless medical devices, wireless networks

The future of remote patient monitoring could be looking a little brighter if the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) moves forward with its plan to allocate a chunk of unused...

February 28, 2012  11:12 AM

Monitoring health via mobile devices remains risky business

Posted by: CbyerTechTarget
mobile health, mobile health technologies, remote patient monitoring

National Coordinator for Health IT Farzad Mostashari, M.D., (ONC), said that patients now have tools at their fingertips during his keynote speech at the Health Information and Management System Society's HIMSS 2012 conference. It was a nod to

April 26, 2011  1:00 AM

Telehealth’s opportunity gap: Between interest and implementation

Posted by: CbyerTechTarget
remote patient monitoring, telehealth services

Expanding existing technology in the health IT sphere is a welcomed concept; adopting that expansion is a whole other ballgame. That is the case with telehealth as it faces an...

August 6, 2010  8:50 AM

New England home telehealth project receives $100,000 grant

Posted by: AnneSteciw
home telehealth, remote patient monitoring, telehealth services, telemedicine

The New England Healthcare Institute (NEHI) received a $100,000 grant to fund a home telehealth demonstration project involving patients who have been hospitalized for congestive heart failure....


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