Accountable care organization and mHealth technology guide

Accountable care organization and mHealth technology guide

Outlining the future of health care facilities' development of accountable care organizations and patient participation through mHealth technology.

Many health care facilities are transitioning their services to accountable care organizations (ACOs). This requires greater patient engagement, something which might be accomplished with the burgeoning use of mobile health (mHealth) technology. By keeping themselves active in their own well-being, patients who use mHealth techniques can stay healthy and save money for themselves and their health care providers.

This guide consults expert opinions in outlining the future of ACO and mHealth technology and how they can work together to provide a better health care experience for patients and providers alike.

Table of contents:

mHealth and ACO podcasts

Listen to our podcasts discussing mobile device security, patient participation and other mHealth technology trends. Also, hear discussion on health care business intelligence and how ACO technology can support mHealth.

ACOs potential benefit to telemedicine and mHealth

Health care business intelligence and ACO participation

Mobile device management best practices explained

Part 1: mHealth operating system options

Part 2: Tablet's role in mHealth environment

Hospitals marketing to support mHealth growth