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Published: 13 May 2013

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- In the face of generally declining reimbursements and tightening budgets, it's tough for healthcare IT leaders to advocate for budget increases. That goes double for new capital investment in patient privacy and data security initiatives, because it's hard to prove the ROI on preventing HIPAA compliance calamities. But that's exactly what health IT professionals are going to have to do, in light of the new regulations going into effect later this year. Speakers at the PHI Protection Network Forum 2013 offered health IT leaders some strategies for pitching the C-suite for more budgetary support to ramp up investments for the Sept. 23 HIPAA omnibus rule compliance deadline. Among their tips: Don't focus on financials. Patient care and the overall mission statement of the hospital puts revenue lower on the totem pole than it would be in, for example, a financial institution. Focus on how privacy and security investments will improve patient care and build trust between the community and your organization. "If your message is dollars, you're ... Access >>>

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