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Al Gallant, Contributor Published: 12 Oct 2012

If you’re a health care CIO trying to understand your organization’s future storage requirements, you have to consider some data points that CIOs in other industries would never worry about. For example, what is the age of majority in the states in which your organization operates? More on health care and IT E-book: Storage for Electronic Health Care Systems Managed electronic health record systems are not all created equal According to legal dictionaries, the age of majority is set by statute as the age a person first gains the legal rights and responsibilities of an adult. But for health care CIOs, it also marks the end of the legally required data retention period for patients born in your facility. The New Hampshire medical center where I work services approximately 400 births each year. Some of these births require extensive medical imaging diagnostics such as a computed tomography (CT) study. Typical CT studies are made up of 256 slices, each a 500 KB image. A single study would require 128 MB of data storage. For a single infant born in New Hampshire ... Access >>>

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