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Healthcare data storage options

A patient's medical history can include charts, images and physicians' notes. Finding the most efficient way to store these different types of data is a unique challenge for hospitals.


Hospitals have many factors to weigh when choosing from among the large number of healthcare data storage options. One thing to consider is the kind of information that is being stored -- whether it's images, patient data or critical hospital information -- because that can dictate which storage method best serves the organization.

Though there isn't much federal regulation around medical storage, most organizations are proactively staying ahead of HIPAA's storage contingency plan requirement.

Cloud storage has been a hot topic in healthcare, but many facilities have found it to be an incomplete solution thus far. This guide is designed to help healthcare organizations safely navigate the maze of data storage options.

1Healthcare storage tips-

Tips for storing patient data and medical images

There are many data storage approaches available to healthcare facilities, including tiered storage, storage area network or SAN-attached storage. A picture archiving and communication system (PACS) is commonly used for storing medical images. Read the following tips to learn how facilities select and implement healthcare data storage options.


Tiered storage basics

Data recovery is a critical objective for organizations choosing between the three types of tiered storage. Continue Reading


Data rate of SAN storage trumps risks

Discover why the speed of SAN storage is enough to overcome its price tag. Continue Reading


How archived clinical data differs from backup

They both prevent data loss, but one key difference between the two sets them apart. Continue Reading


Tips for PACS integration

PACS use has been regulated through healthcare laws, but providers still must take care when deploying the technology. Continue Reading


How to overcome challenges of PACS

The benefits of PACS can be threatened by inconsistent data. Continue Reading

2HIPAA storage-

Implementing and maintaining HIPAA-compliant storage

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) only requires healthcare organizations to have a contingency plan in case of lost data, but many organizations still keep HIPAA in mind when considering storage options.


EHR incentives dictate storage compliance

Learn how the HIPAA omnibus rule and HITECH Act affect healthcare storage trends. Continue Reading


Tips for HIPAA-compliant storage

HIPAA doesn't require a storage plan, but most healthcare organizations are well-served by having one in place. Can you name the five documents you must have in place? Continue Reading


Q&A on HIPAA storage compliance

An expert discusses how to properly encrypt stored data and avoid publicly reporting a data breach. Continue Reading


HIPAA audits adjusting to storage trends

The Office for Civil Rights is performing more HIPAA audits to ensure the proper storage and security of patient data. Continue Reading

3Cloud storage-

When is cloud a healthcare data storage option?

Although it's not yet suited for all things healthcare, cloud is worthy of consideration for storing protected health information. Read why most organizations currently consider cloud storage a niche option suitable for tasks such as long-term storage of noncritical information.


Analytics survey shows providers are cautious of the cloud

Security concerns are preventing some vendors from storing their patients' personal health information in the cloud. Continue Reading


Hybrid storage approach suits some hospitals

Cloud storage is an option for less-critical, long-term data. Continue Reading


Cloud a best fit for smaller organizations

Find out how various aspects of cloud computing can serve a healthcare facility. Continue Reading


Security concerns of cloud migration

As public cloud storage of patient data is being explored by some providers, they're finding no shortage of safety concerns. Continue Reading


Resolve issues prior to cloud deployment

Consider the following issues before deciding whether cloud storage is right for your organization. Continue Reading


Hybrid cloud options can fit unique needs

Private and hybrid cloud options exist for storage of hospital operations data. Continue Reading


Cloud's new vulnerabilities

Hackers see cloud storage systems as a new way to infiltrate healthcare applications. Continue Reading


Storage backup for hospitals

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Adoption trends for cloud storage in healthcare

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