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Health IT experts discuss the ROI of telehealth

Selling telehealth programs to a healthcare organization can be a challenge because many insurers do not cover telehealth and the ROI can be questionable.


Choose a medical imaging system that fits your business

See how the top, full-service medical imaging technology vendors differ from one another and which one could best fit your healthcare organization's imaging needs.

Committee defines ways to measure quality of healthcare

In a media briefing, NQF experts and telehealth committee members discuss work being done to develop quality measures for telehealth and interoperability.


Security expert: Challenges healthcare should focus on

After weathering the infamous Anthem data breach, Steve Moore has learned a thing or two about healthcare cybersecurity. He shares the main challenges he thinks healthcare needs to overcome.

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Health IT and Electronic Health Basics

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    APIs and the cloud help cure health IT interoperability ills

    In the natural course of human events, it's safe to say most people have endured an untold number of doctor's appointments, emergency room visits and hospital stays. Each time, patient information is recorded, stored and updated in electronic health...

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    Five challenges of cloud adoption in healthcare

    Although the cloud offers many benefits to healthcare organizations, it is important for CIOs to properly plan for a migration to mitigate any potential issues.

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    PACS (picture archiving and communication system)

    PACS, or picture archiving and communication system, is a medical imaging technology used for storing, retrieving, presenting and sharing images produced by various medical hardware modalities, such as X-ray, CT scan, MRI and ultrasound machines.

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