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Providers shouldn't rely solely on outside security firms

Providers on the lookout for healthcare data breaches should take note of an HHS site that lists every security incident that affected more than 500 patients.


Healthcare project management: What to know and avoid

Healthcare project management can be a long and involved process. To keep a project on course, learn how to communicate long and short-term goals and concerns properly.


The challenges of leveraging big data in healthcare

Preventive care and monitoring feedback through social media are two opportunities for providers to make better use of big data.


Medfusion patient portal highlights system complexities

How mobile operating systems, EHR vendor interaction and health system implementations complicate patient portal interoperability.

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Health IT and Electronic Health Basics

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    Microsoft product could alter healthcare imaging practices

    Dermatologists and radiologists should take notice of Microsoft's recent Project Adam announcement of artificial intelligence that specializes in visual recognition.

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    medical device class (MDC)

    Medical device class (MDC) is a category that a medical device is classified into by the FDA based on the US classification system, which defines the amount of risk involved with the medical device and the proper procedures that must be followed ...

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    Healthcare applications for the Internet of Things

    Technology based on the Internet of Things has worked its way onto consumer devices. When can we expect it to cross over to healthcare?

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  • Electronic health record (EHR) vendor selection

    Cerner users upbeat about Siemens acquisition

    After Cerner's $1.3 billion acquisition of Siemens' health IT unit, Cerner users already familiar with Siemens see the two companies' systems moving toward integration.

  • Federal health care policy issues and health care reform

    Painful debut for CMS Sunshine Act Open Payments site

    CMS brings the Open Payments site back online after an ID mix-up involving physician data prompted a review; some data won't be made public pending further investigation.

  • Establishing interoperable electronic health systems

    Epic's Dvorak talks interop, Cerner-Siemens

    In the wake of the Cerner-Siemens merger, Epic Systems' President Carl Dvorak refers to Epic as an EHR vendor underdog -- and talks about APIs and the cost of DirectTrust -- during a HIT Policy Committee health data interoperability hearing.